Our Mission

With an eye for captivating pieces, fascination for urban styles, and a drive for conscious consumption, Ciclo de Moda's founder brings carefully curated articles, whether vintage, secondhand, from her own closet, or carefully crafted by talented creatives, to the shop's buyers. Native to San Juan and roamer of NYC streets, she aims to promote pieces originating from or inspired by both cities, further emphasizing an appreciation for secondhand and handmade articles, their representative history, and their potential to live on. Additionally, through visual exploration utilizing different media (specifically a vintage DCR and digital camera, as well as music), Ciclo aims to provide a depth to each piece, such that an appreciation for the potential life cycle of each item is enhanced, and to seek ways to exhibit each creation in a way which resembles the lovely perception of it in accordance with our view.


Adhering to the founder's dynamic, ever-evolving style, Ciclo de Moda seeks to connect with a crowd which finds that our picks resonate with them. Through them, our bottomline and message will travel on: Expression should not come at the cost of our mother planet, its ecosystems, and our hardworking laborers - in this tone, neither is the right to do so limited to a certain group that conforms with longstanding, outdated standards on how each individual should project themselves genuinely. With this ideal in mind, we offer you authenticity, inclusivity, and fresh talent. At Ciclo de Moda, we promise to showcase our content in its original, unedited form, commit to welcome all identities, sizes, and races, and pledge to jump at the chance to use our platform to promote independent, emerging designers and artists that resonate with our vision and creative proclivities when the opportunity arises. In this way, our shared platform through our new concept store becomes an outlet for creatives with a desire to share their purposeful work with the world.


With a passion for repurposing products and embracing all individuals, transformative ideas are constantly coming to Ciclo; this project is in a perpetual state of exploration and consequential evolution. We hope you will stick by throughout our journey!

Much love,